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Ready for a New Look

Ready for a New Look

January often stirs a desire for self-improvement and a mental re-set for the new year.  From re-energized exercise programs to streamlined diets, health, wellness and beauty are often part of the resolutions we set.   

If you’re ready to add a makeover to your new year’s resolutions, consider these tips for refreshing your look: 

  • Get rid of old makeup.  We all do it - we hold on to bins full of old makeup thinking that color you love might be discontinued or you just aren’t ready to throw out a half-used eye shadow.  But the reality is, makeup does have an expiration date.  If it’s 2 years old, it’s probably time to throw it out.  And, if it doesn’t look like you used it enough, make a mental note, that color palette may not have been right for you. Also, remember anything with sunscreen expires after a year.    
  • Clean your brushes.  When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes – be honest?  One year, two years, never?  What’s on those brushes dovetails into skin care problems you later have to overcome. Clean your brushes at least every six months.  If it’s been a very long time and the brushes seem worn down, consider investing in a new set or new pieces one at a time.   
  • Refresh your foundation palette. Our skin is constantly changing.  As we age the coloring of our skin will also change.  Take a fresh look at your foundations, powder and concealer – is there any chance that the color you used five or even ten years ago may no longer be the perfect match? 
  • Add more color.  While barely there makeup is always refreshing for a natural look, sometimes a little color goes a long way to make you feel vibrant and alive.  Take a look in your closet.  What’s the most popular color palette in your closet?  Chances are a similar toned color scheme may complement your skin.  If you’re not sure how to add color, consider taking a make-up class (yes, shameless plug-, we are now doing make up classes and makeover events in the Ivy Beauty Bar).  We are also proud to now offer Jane Iredale professional cosmetics.   
  • Pre-make up skin care.  What’s your routine in the morning? Are you stimulating your face with the right products?  Consider a turmeric infused product to get the blood flowing. Add a Vitamin C serum.  Consider makeup primers like Jan Marini Mattify or Jane Iredale’s Make up Primer.  These will help your make-up apply smoother.  If you like a tanned look, consider a quick spray tan before applying your makeup.  I like the St. Tropez product (just be sure to pull back your hair or it will stain your hair.  If you are getting a little older like me, it can help create the appearance of a more youthful glow before you apply your makeup.   
  • Think about where you do your makeup.  Are you still standing in a bathroom with poor lighting, or do you have a dedicated place to sit with a lighted makeup mirror near lots of natural light.   

Our appearance is in a constant state of flux and change. Our skin is never the same day to day.  From what we eat, to exposure to elements, the vitamins we take and how we care for one of the most important organs in our body, your skin is continually changing.  While there is no one size fits all approach to beauty, it is fun and rejuvenating to take time as this January comes to a close to think about your beauty routine and if a quick refresh might just add a little sparkle to your day and a spring in your step.  Come check out our new line of Jane Iredale Cosmetics and ask about our makeover events and makeup classes.   

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