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Perimenopause, Menopause & The Importance of Focusing on Self Care in 2023

Perimenopause, Menopause & The Importance of Focusing on Self Care in 2023

The years for women leading up to and through menopause can be incredibly challenging.  The onset of the physical and hormonal shift from being a young and vibrant woman in the prime of life to middle-age and beyond for most is both physically and psychologically anxiety-producing. To make matters worse, this occurs at the same time that for most women their careers are plateauing, ending or evolving into a new time of work and career while children are grown and leaving to begin their own life. Add to that today’s climate of cultural shift and financial and global uncertainty, most women between 45 and 55 report some degree of anxiety or depression.   

After decades spent building a career, working and caring for a husband, children, parents, pets, maintaining a home among the list of so many other things, there is no time more important to invest in self-care than during these notoriously difficult years for women.  Invest in your skin care.  Invest in your physical health and well-being.  Invest in your own time for relaxation and self-pampering.   

Now is the time before the damage from aging can become irreparable.  A monthly HydraFacial routine can help rebuild and restore your skin’s ability to produce essential elements of healthy skin while contouring your face and giving it a more youthful glow.  The products you need may have to evolve from something you get at a drug store, to products designed for your skin specific needs.   

 Invest in nutrition counselling, if you need it, to ensure you don’t fall into a rut of eating poorly.  It’s easy to do when you no longer have family dinner nights.  Seek cooking classes or places to get healthy food advice and share it with friends.  

Invest in massages and body treatments to help soothe aching muscles and refuel your ability to exercise, stretch and strength train.  Invest in the little things that help you feel better from makeovers and blow outs to spray tans.  It may be time to ditch some older clothes that are no longer in style or just don’t work for you and replenish with fresh looks that fit you perfectly.   

And, most importantly, invest in you and your own pampering and relaxation. You’ve given to others for decades.  Now, it is time for you. Whisper Creek Spa is here for you – our team of talented professionals will help you invest in your best self- at any age, so you feel refreshed, renewed and restored when you leave.  We are adding makeover events and wine tasting to our menu of offerings, so stay tuned for more information.   

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