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Mindfulness & Meditation in 2023 – Investing in You

Mindfulness & Meditation in 2023 – Investing in You

It’s been almost three years since the 2020 pandemic.  While most of life has fully returned to normal here in the Lowcountry, this new year brings a special opportunity to invest in yourself, beginning with a sense of mindfulness and creating dedicated time for meditation and self-care.   

Even just a few minutes of mindfulness each morning and night can have a profound impact.  Take five to ten minutes before you begin your day to think about or jot down in a meditation journal the top 5 people or things that for which you are grateful and thankful for.  Think about the things that bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment.  Now, spend a few more minutes thinking about what your goals are for the day and the week and what one thing you could do today to move yourself one step closer to that goal.   As you begin your day, set realistic and achievable goals about what success and joy will mean for you that day.  And remember that you will receive from the world exactly what you put into it. 

If you do the same thing at night for five to ten minutes before going to sleep, you will fill your mind and your body with a sense of gratitude.  Reflect on the day.  Was there something that gave you a sense of hope or happiness? Focus on that.  Let go of the things that are negative and release them so that they do not build up inside of you.   

Just those few minutes before you rise and before you sleep, if you are dedicated to it, can have a profound impact on your health and wellness, particularly during challenging times. 

If you are really ready to invest in you, dedicate 15 – 20 minutes a day to true meditation practice.  Pull out a yoga mat and turn off all devices and sounds.  Allow yourself to breathe quietly for a few minutes and just clear your mind to focus on what you are grateful for, what you are hopeful for and what brings you joy.  Don’t worry about how to achieve those things, but rather center solely on what brings you gratitude and joy. 

A Tibetan Singing Bowl can also be added to help ritualize your meditation.  This small bowl can be struck simply three, six or nine times to close out your meditation.  Allow the bowl to ring out until it goes fully quiet.  Open your eyes and you will feel truly at peace and be able to go about your day with the right frame of mind.   

2023 is the year to invest in you, beginning with mindfulness and focus on your health and well-being. At Whisper Creek Spa, our team is here to help you invest in you! 

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