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The Power of Polished Nails

The Power of Polished Nails

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but your hands tell the real story of how you live.  After a good professional manicure, you feel not only a little bit pampered but more confident in yourself. 


After all, you use your hands for nearly everything:  gesturing, driving, eating, preparing food, writing, working, to name just a few.  Studies suggest that the average person touches their face 23 times per hour.   This means that even in virtual meetings, your hands are often visible to others and send a message about how you care for yourself. 

When your nails are clean, neat, and professional they simply present a more polished look at work suggesting you are confident and capable of whatever is being discussed. 

When you have important meetings coming up, consider a French manicure or a light pink or pale color that complements your skin tone.   If your nails are dirty, jagged from biting them or unkept, it sends a message that you do not take the time to maintain one of your most visible assets – your hands. 

If it is not a meeting on your calendar, but a hot date, consider something more expressive.  Bright red nails can take you back in time to a more glamorous age where polished women were often seen wearing bright red lipstick and nails.  If you do not often where red nails, it is a fun experiment to see how it makes you feel and how you carry yourself differently.    Nail polish is easy to change if you do not like it but can be invigorating if you try something you have never done before. 

On the flip side, blue nails can make you feel young and more artistic.  If you have some fun events coming up or want to engage your more bohemian side, consider picking a blue, purple, or fun color. 

Whatever you need to express yourself, the simply pampering of a professional manicure and trying something new can make you walk with a little more confidence and pep in your step. 






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